Life Coach Training Course
If you really choose to live a more fully content life in all aspects mind body and soul I would inform you to look no further. Jay has been a fabulous life coach and facilitator to me. My life now reflects all the awareness, joy and gifts I dreamed of as a little girl. If you believe you deserve an extraordinary life I recommend giving him a call. You won’t regret it. Thank you Arohanui Jay.
Dairne Kirton


Life Coach Training Course
Well Jay, this was an awesome course. What an exciting ride!! Your invaluable input has allowed me to challenge and strengthen all aspects of my life. My journey through life coaching has given me inspiration and awareness and the tools to achieve a happy and fulfilling life. Thank you for your wonderful support over the past year. I will always be grateful for having crossed your path...
Maryanne Mclay


Life Coach Training Course
For me (the first three modules) have been an opportunity to go to a much deeper level of self love and integration. There have been some big challenges for me (I don’t want to give away what to expect because the surprise elements are important) and they have advanced and enriched my journey. Trust in life, a call to fulfil life’s calling; owning, acknowledging and honouring my dark side (the shadow self) ‘checking in’, living from my heart and soul. So many Gifts! The privilege of witnessing and supporting my fellow journey mans experiences has been magnificent and lovely.
Thank you all...
Love from Gabbie


My Life Coaching Experience.
I had come to the conclusion that I needed to find another form of employment because I was getting old and I needed flexibility in my hours to be a parent.
Considering my skill base I thought that I could become a Life Coach.

After meeting Jay at LCA I concluded that I could gain the skills needed to embark on a new career path. He explained the outline of the course content and the fact that we would all be taking our own journey through the training.

I found the course personally very challenging. Talking about me on a 1 on 1 basis’s is hard enough but revealing myself to a room of people was horrifying.
Being a person that takes on and follows through most challenges I did continue and complete the course. Many times I felt like running away.

In return have learnt a lot about myself and feel a more confident and aware person for completing the course.
Concerns that I had before the course have minimalised and life changes have occurred by me putting energy into what I want to grow and just trusting in life.

The first major change that came to me after visiting Jay was that my employer supported my proposal to take on the Life Coaching course. Paying for the course and providing me with the time off. This increased my feeling of being valued in the workplace. Subsequently last year I generated the highest amount of revenue on record for my employer.

I am currently coaching a couple of clients every week. This feel’s right and is part of my journey.

I hold Jay Lincoln in the highest regard. While he is associated with LCA I would recommend the courses and career path.

Change your path…..are you ready to go on a Journey??


Individual Coaching
I had toyed with the idea of a life coach for the past couple of years knowing I was in a rut and not making any progress either in my business or in my personal life which was rapidly turning to custard.
I was however very sceptical and did not really see how anyone could help without opening up areas I was not prepared to deal with, with someone I could not trust. Then a colleague of mine told me that I had been an inspiration to her and that through her life coach she had planned a 6 week trip. That sparked my interest and she gave me Jay’s contact details. I made an appointment and met with Jay but still was not sure I was doing the right thing.
Over the next few sessions through being challenged and supported I learnt to trust him and I believe I have made the most progress ever.
I’m just about to depart for a world trip with no definite plans for where to or for how long. It is a huge step and certainly out of the rut but I believe that it will be a culmination of the work started with Jay and that it will consolidate the changes made with his help.
I owe a real debt of gratitude to him and have recommended him to many of my friends.