Life Coach Poem

They all arrived from places unknown
To meet at one point and not be alone
They all bought their baggage full of their things
And an open mind for what this may bring

They met with the Wizard and the noble Monk
Who were there to help them sort out their junk
What should they keep and what to let go
Was the work of the week in learning to know

The travellers of six each sat in a seat
As the Wizard and Monk turned up the heat
Just when relaxed each traveller would find
These wise men knocking on the door to their mind

There were lots of laughs and some even cried
As their baggage was rocked from side to side
But out of confusion each traveller did see
Some hope for the future of who they could be

The question “who am I” seemed simple enough
But they struggled to find the more meaningful stuff
The lessons of life were slowly revealed
Some quickly, some slow but most were congealed

The Leap of Faith was taken by all
The decision was theirs to let go and fall
Screams of delight but many of fear
With words of encouragement filling the air

Personal lies became their new truth
And off to the village they all had to hoof
To say what they were and to make it their own
Was a gift with no price tag with which to take home

The next time they met, to there, it took ages
Starting and stopping in all sorts of places
They’d learned that nothing was at first what it seemed
But relaxed in the ‘knowing’ of this loving team

Their bodies were frozen as they breathed in and out
They all went to places they knew nothing about
Something was happening they all were quite sure
But none of them knew it would quite reach their core

And out of the depths their stories evolved
And answers to questions for many were solved
We followed the Monk and Wizard to FIRE
The Angel, the Queen and Motorbike rider

Cinderella came too with Sandy and Seb
And they all sat and listened to all that was said
To the fire they offered what they no longer needed
And everyone’s’ story with lessons were heeded

Clothed in nakedness they all were reborn
With new life beginning at the sound of a horn
Music and laughter filled the rest of the night
They had witnessed the magic once long out of sight

Three days of mythology then came to an end
With all of their memories now on the mend
It’s harder to leave each time they’re together
But there are tests to be taken and ties to be severed

They’ll meet again soon not long to wait now
And to carry this on I will then know how
Off to Te Atatu they all took their cars
To learn how to communicate from Venus to Mars

Sitting opposite a partner they talked through their eyes
Trying hard to be serious and telling no lies
With their partner they lay in foot to foot fashion
Sending mindful messages of mountains and passion

To their great surprise they then had to speak
What each of them heard through the souls of their feet
Mind-blowing responses from all of them followed
No chance to rewind or words to be swallowed

They then felt the energy surrounding their being
With out-stretched arms and eyes closed from seeing
Anyone watching would have thought they were bonkers
As they drove to the mall behaving like plonkers

People were picked in shops and on benches
Life was explained as they dropped their defences
A collection of stories and personal beliefs
Were bought back to the group with loads of relief

They then built a tower for one special shoe
They picked out the saboteur they all thought was you
But at the end of the day they all had to learn
To listen more carefully and show their discern

It was their last chance to let go their crap
To know how to get there without use of a map
The next time they meet they’ll all start to learn
To coach other people each one has a turn

To acknowledge their journey and the work they had done
They all have a canvas…their own special one
It values and honours the paths they have taken
The past they’ve let go and the wrongs they’ve forsaken

The Wizard and Monk will continue to grow
Healing the wounded as they come and they go
And we’ll take the lessons back to our places
Days will be brighter with smiles on our faces

How far we have come it’s amazing to see
It’s all up to ourselves to be all we can be.

Michele Saunders
July-September 2005

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