The bus continued on its prearranged route to the final destination of where I would depart. Having departed I walked up the road to see what movies were on and whether I would have to wait to watch a movie or even if there was a movie I was interested in. I was reading what was on and the screening times when the little voice appeared again “GO AND WATCH THAT MOVIE”. My mind instantly enquired “what is that about?”
I looked at the screening times and then my watch to find which would suit. I was 10 minutes late for one and 2 hours30minutes early for the other. My mind said HA I have an idea! “Go and ask the lady if it has started and just go in as you can not wait around!” I asked the lady and was told that it had started 5 minutes ago yet I could still go in or wait till the next screening. My mind again started to chatter. The voice then spoke “WAIT TILL THE NEXT SCREENING AND SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING”. I walked away and started to look for something else to maybe watch, even looked to see if I could find a blurb about the movie to see if it would be worth waiting for. I could find information on everything else but this one. My mind then began to say “told you so, should have looked before you came, what a waste of time, now what you going to do, you don’t listen to me, “STOP I SAID, STOP ENOUGH!” The voice then spoke “BUY THE TICKET TO THE NEXT SESSION”. After purchasing the ticket I chose to go for a walk and buy some lunch. Walking at a leisurely pace in and out of crowds I noticed a very wide variety of different people from all walks of life. What an amazing site to see so much contrast within a small radius. Something I have often enjoyed watching before. Well the time had arrived to watch the movie so I proceeded to the theatre and took my seat. While sitting in the theatre I noticed I was starting to look for things rather than just being and observing. I sat back and relaxed, took 5 deep breaths, breathing all the way in, all the way out keeping them the same length and consistency of flow. (This is a technique I use to keep centred.) During the movie I noticed my mind starting to chatter again what is this about, why have I chosen this, this is boring, should have watched something else? STOP I SAID, STOP ENOUGH! I sat and watched the movie till the end, OBSERVING just OBSERVING! Walking back to the bus stop and reflecting on the movie the little voice inside spoke again “PATIENCE, YOU ARE OKAY,WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THAT POSITION, REMEMBER THESE LINES, DECISIONS MADE NOW SHAPE OUR FUTURE, ARE YOU AWARE OF THE 12TH DECISION BEFORE YOUR NEXT DECISION”
I must admit I was rather confused with what my voice had said, then those words again “OBSERVE!! OBSERVE!!” Okay, yes I know, I will and so I did all the way home on the bus.

Article written by
Jay Lincoln
Holistic Coach
E-Mail jay@freedomtochoose.org.nz

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