It was a Saturday morning in the middle of spring when I woke from my sleep feeling lethargic, low on energy, alone, lost, and bored, indecisive, just not knowing what I wanted to do. I made a coffee and sat on the deck enjoying the breeze and feeling the heat of the sun starting to rise. After a while I turned on the T.V to watch a movie. The movie seemed to keep me there for some reason. Not knowing why, I watched until the end, in which I started to feel emotional for some reason.
“What was going on?”, I asked myself
“Will I just go with this, or shall I resist and snap out of it?”
I chose to just be with how I was feeling. I went downstairs and took to my neighbour some things I had said he could have, as I no longer have a use for them (Letting go, downsizing). When this was finished I decided that I was going to spend the day allowing my feelings to be with me and see where this would lead. At that moment, a voice inside me said “GO CATCH A BUS SEE A MOVIE”. From there I said “YES” and decided this is what I would do. Then guess what! My mind started to say “you cant do that, you have to do this, you better find out what time the movie is on, is there a movie you want to watch, or when is the bus going to come, will I arrive in time to see the movie, what time will the bus be going back home, will the movie finish in time. STOP I SAID! STOP ENOUGH! Does it really matter about all of what my mind was saying? Is all that important? NO!! The most important thing was, that a little voice had spoken and I was going to act on it without expectations, judgements or any other conditions we like to put on ourselves. In that moment I grabbed my keys and walked down the road to the bus stop. While walking to the stop that little voice spoke again “OBSERVE YOUR DAY AND EVRYTHING IN IT” “Hmm” I said, “Yes I will do that”. After a short time the bus arrived and I jumped on and sat down. As I looked around I saw a wide range of people doing lots of different things as they sat there going about their own journey. After about 7 stops into the journey an elderly lady with a young child (about 3-4 years old) stepped on the bus. Instantly I was drawn to watch them. Why?, who knows, I just observed. The little girl handed the driver some money and asked for a ticket which he then gave to the child with some change, the energy between the 2 was like an instant repour, the lady did the same. Then walking down the bus the girl and lady went to sit down in a set of 4 chairs where they face each other. I noticed a lady sitting in one of the chairs already when the little girl just walked up and introduced herself, then asked the lady her name. The lady replied and the girl and this lady started to chat away as if they had known each other for awhile. A realisation came over me IMAGINE IF WE WERE ALL LIKE THAT LITTLE GIRL. I questioned myself and said what do you mean? Well she was just open to being herself. ‘Wow how awesome” Maybe I could connect back to that part of myself. The mind again started to chatter when the little voice appeared again, remember today is about OBSERVING, JUST OBSERVE!!!

Article written by
Jay Lincoln
Holistic Coach
E-Mail jay@freedomtochoose.org.nz

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