Hi and welcome to another article on Facing the Fear from within you. I remember once working with a client who had a fear of heights. This is not an uncommon fear for people to have. I must admit I to have this fear at times, it is not as predominate as what it used to be earlier on.
For the purpose of this article we will call my client Greg.

Coach; Hi Greg, you have come here today to talk about your fear! Can you tell me about this?

Greg; Well yes, I have a fear of heights. I find that when I start to go up high in a building, or even on a rope, or sometimes in plane, I start to sweat, and find myself starting to clam up.

Coach; Greg how long have you been aware of this?

Greg; I have noticed this more in the last 5 years, and have found that even just the thought, of being in a high building starts to make me sweat. When I was younger, I always seemed to be concerned of heights, yet when my friends did this I just grinned and followed them. I would try not to let them know that I was scared, yet I put this down to just being a child.

Coach; so what you are really telling me, is that this has been there all the time, yet you have found that lately, this becoming a bigger obstacle for you, as you get older?

Greg; Well I suppose when you say it like that, I probably have had it longer than I thought.

Coach; Greg what do you think has bought this on more now rather than later?

Greg; I am unsure of that, that is what I would like to look at.

Coach; tell me Greg did you have any major falls as a child?

Greg; No not that I am aware of.

Coach; Have you ever broken any bones or fractured any limbs etc.

Greg; No I have been very fortunate in that way.

Coach; tell me about some of your experiences with heights?

Greg; that’s the trouble I just can t think of anything. I do remember as a child climbing trees, also ladders etc. Just the normal things most people do.

Coach; tell me did you and your friends ever go exploring in the outdoors?

Greg; Not really, we did have some bush around at home, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Coach; You talked about tall buildings why would this allow you to be fearful? I would have thought that a building would be rather safe, especially compared to say Absailing?

Greg; Yes I would agree. Hang on I remember once when I was about 10 years old, a friend of mine and myself went into town one day. No that would have nothing to do with this.

Coach; Greg, please go on tell me what happened?

Greg; Well we caught a bus into town, during the school holidays to go to the movies. Once we arrived we found that we had about one and half hours to kill before the movie started. My friend said to me “why don t we go into that building and play on the lifts!” I said “no, we might get caught and told off.” He said “no we won’t, have we been caught before when we have done things we are not supposed to do?” “I told him not really.”
So we went into the building and caught the lift to the 13th floor. When we arrived at the top, we were looking out the window and being amazed at high it was, also joking about falling or jumping from that height. Then all of a sudden this voice from behind us said “So how would boys like to fall from here” We both turned around and here was a man dressed in overalls with some rope hanging over his shoulders. All I remember was we both just panicked and ran around him towards the lifts. I remember my friend going down in one and I was stuck waiting for the other one to arrive.

Coach; Carry on Greg what happened next?

Greg; well when I got in the lift I pushed the button to go to the ground, yet the lift kept stopping and picking up people on the way. One person said to me “are you supposed to be here” Again I panicked and when the lift stopped I ran out and looked for the stairs. After about 15-20 minutes I finally found my mate who was sitting down outside. When I saw him he said “where have you been?” and laughed. I told him what happened and that I got lost in the building and was really scared. Again he just laughed and said
“That was cool”

Coach; Well Greg, do think that may play a part in why you have a fear of heights?

Greg; could do, I know I am sweating just telling you this.

Coach; Greg how about we carry on with this next week and in the mean time I would invite you to look at what you have told me and see what the real fear is from that story.

Greg; cool see you then!

Continued in a fortnight.

Article written by
Jay Lincoln
Holistic Coach
E-Mail jay@freedomtochoose.org.nz

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