The picture on the home page is of Lion Rock at Piha Beach which is situated on the wild and rugged west coast of Auckland New Zealand. This place holds a special connection for me as I have spent a lot of time here.

The vision of this website is to “AWAKEN CONSCIONSNESS, TRULY LIVING AND EXPERIENCING LIFE.” My personal role to this website is to share this vision with people, organisations etc, from all over the world.

Freedom to Choose was set up to help support LCA Auckland and Life Coach Associates share their visions to the world. Jay Lincoln, director of LCA Auckland, started a working relationship back in 2002 with Life Coach Associates in New Zealand. After a few years of training and working as a Holistic Life Coach, LCA Auckland became an approved supplier of all the courses and trainings offered on this website.

View this video from the founder of Life Coach Associates, explaining our life coach training course.

This website offers you lots of different opportunities to achieve whatever it is you are looking for.
Opportunities range from:

• Individual coaching: a number of coaches are available for one on one coaching.
• Workshops: for people who would like to do some personal development.
• Workshops: designed for businesses and self employed people looking to up-skill themselves.
• Training to become a Life Coach and set up your own Life Coaching practise.
• Become an Affiliate to LCA Auckland and utilise our networking opportunities.
• Facilitating our courses and earning revenue from referrals that are generated.

Holistic Coaching allows individuals to truly understand themselves as being a whole person working on the Physical, Emotional and Mental aspects of self. There are lots of different levels and layers which are explored about you and also the conscious and unconscious states we live in.
The results are:

• Clarity of direction
• A depth of new understanding
• Release from sabotage patterns and negativity
• Increased confidence to make changes and take positive action
• Self empowerment and accountability
• Increased energy and enjoyment
• Healthier choices and expanded options
• Improved relationships both personal and professional


If it is true that we are all unique individuals, then do we not deserve to know and understand all of ourselves, and truly live and experience the life we desire? Jay Lincoln

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